calendar_todayTue 20th November - 4:39pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

With generous support from the Deanery Mission Fund and the Joshua Centre at Liverpool Diocese, I am delighted to introduce two people to you who will be responsible for establishing a new Worshiping Community and community ministry in Birchwood.

Helen Bennett responded to our advert for a Christian Community Development Worker over the summer. Helen will be starting work with us from 1st December. She will work 20 hours per week, initially helping with Messy Church and overseeing the EAT Community Café. Helen will then develop other initiatives that meet the needs of people in the Birchwood community. Helen has worked for and with Croft Preschool for several years, and has most recently been working for a college supporting students on placement. She worships with her family at Thomas Risley Church. Helen is full of energy and enthusiasm and can’t wait to get started.

The other face is far more familiar to you! Mike, alongside his four days per week with the Railway Mission will be working one day per week, supported by the Joshua Centre to plant a new worshiping congregation in Birchwood. This will look very different to anything we are familiar with, but will be a reflection of the those we are called to serve in the Birchwood part of our parish.

I know many of you will be thinking, “what about Woolston?”, that is a valid question. These two appointment will release more of my time to spend in developing mission in Woolston. However, I can only do this with the support of you and other volunteers. So, if you have ideas and passions to see new things happen please come and have a chat with me.

Please pray for Helen and Mike as they start their new roles, and for our ministry in Birchwood to flourish.