The Rule of Life

calendar_todaySun 3rd February - 2:46pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

There’s something inside many of us that doesn’t like rules. They remind us of school, or of perhaps strict family upbringings, or we imagine they will spoil our fun. On the other hand, there are some of us that do like rules. We like the boundaries and the guidance rules provide. I have to admit, when I was at school I was one of the children who quite liked the rules; quite simply because I knew where I stood and what was expected of me. Rules helped me to thrive.

The Bishop’s Rule of Life is intended to be something that helps us to thrive in our faith journey and relationship with God.

Between now and the beginning of March we will be looking at the Bishop’s Rule of Life in our Sunday services. There are six elements of the Rule of Life:

Called to:

Sent to:

Each week there will be examples of how you can incorporate The Rule of Life into your everyday life. I encourage you to take up this challenge in a way that is most appropriate to you. Many new year resolutions that fail because we try to change everything at once, and those more likely to succeed have small incremental steps. This approach can be applied to the Rule of Life. Don’t try to do everything at once. Do one or two things, and then add to those things we a few other things. By the end of the year you will easily be covering all six elements of the Rule of Life. With the aim being that you feel that you have moved on in your journey of faith, made a difference to the lives of others, and feel closer to God.

I look forward to hearing your stories this year of how your life, and the lives of those you have touched, has been changed by God this year.

One very practical way that you can get involved in the Tell, Serve, Give elements of The Rule of Life is to join in with one of our Bishop’s Mission events from 6-10th March. Events are happening across the deanery and diocese, but the events nearest to us are as follows:

Thursday 7th March, 2pm, Alford Hall, Tea Dance
Saturday 9th March, 10am – 12pm, The Transfiguration, Lego and bacon butties family morning
Saturday 9th March, 1.30-3pm, The Ascension, Lego fun afternoon
Saturday 9th March, 2pm, Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School, Bake Off event
Sunday 10th March, 11am, The Ascension, Special service with visiting preacher
Sunday 10th March, 4pm, St Elphin’s, Bishops and Bubbles Deanery Celebration Event

Let’s pray that 2019 is a great year for us as a parish, in which we see God do some incredible things.