Resurrection People!

calendar_todaySun 12th May - 5:40pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

As I sit down to write this article we have just celebrated a glorious Easter weekend in the parish.  I’m tired, and thinking ahead to what is the next thing that we need to plan and organise. And as I think a bit more I feel a little daunted, and even more tired!  Officially in the Church we are still celebrating Easter, but already my thoughts have drifted away from celebrating the resurrection.

The words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 challenge us to always give thanks for the resurrection, and to always live in the light of the hope of the resurrection.  Of course, we will all have challenging days and tired days, but we must always live as people who, through faith, have a resurrection hope.  That is a hope that through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that we too can receive the resurrection to eternal life.

As Christians, it is the resurrection that makes our faith come alive, and the resurrection is the reason why we do everything we do as a church.  As we look ahead to the challenges we face, personally, and as a church community, we do so in the light and hope of the resurrection. For when we celebrate the resurrection we are putting God first in everything we do, and giving thanks for his sacrifice that means we can share in the resurrection to eternal life.

As a church, we are in the business of sharing the good news of the resurrection. The buildings we have, the social times we enjoy together, and the order of our worship should be by-products of that celebration.  So, as we look ahead to sourcing the funding we require to repair The Ascension building we need to do so firstly by giving thanks for all that God has already done for us, and with the vision that The Ascension is far more than just a building. It should be a building that brings glory to God and shares the hope of the resurrection with our community and all who walk through the doors.

So, as we approach the challenge before us, let us be people of the resurrection who celebrate and give thanks to God, before we get bound down by the worries and stresses that may or may not be before us.