He Restores My Soul

calendar_todayTue 15th September - 11:41am
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

Over the last few months many of us have had extra time on our hands.  A luxury that is often so hard to find in our lives.  I’m aware not everyone has had more spare time.  For some, recent months have meant working more hours or additional caring responsibilities.  However, what seems to unite those who have had more time and those who have been busier is a sense of weariness.  The novelty of staying at home to watch endless boxsets, complete jigsaws and crosswords, and tidy out cupboards untouched for decades seems to have worn off.  We want to see our friends and family, return to routines and have some certainty about the future.  However, it is looking less like a sprint and more like an ultra-marathon with no end in sight.

Recently I completed a cross stitch I had been working on for 5 years!  It’s only just a little larger than A4, so not massive. When I purchased the pattern, I thought it would just take me a few weeks to complete!  However, for several years, each time I picked it up it felt like I would never get to the end.  I would never see the finished article.  Along the way, I made mistakes and had to unpick them.  It is still not perfect.  But it is finished.   It wasn’t a sprint as I expected; it was more like an ultra-marathon!

“He restores my soul” are four words taken from Psalm 23; probably the best known of all the Psalms.  In Psalm 23 the psalmist doesn’t talk about a quick sprint to a perfect life.  Instead, he talks about a walk through a dark valley with the promise of company for the journey and green pastures and still waters along the way.

The truth is, right now we have no idea how long the pandemic and its implications on our lives will go on for.  Our initial thoughts that it will be all over by the summer, or even by Christmas are looking very unlikely.  There is no end in sight.  Whether we feel like we are walking through a dark valley, or bored resting beside the green pasture and still waters, the promise is the same.  The promise is that the Lord is our shepherd, and he will restore our souls.  In the weeks and months ahead, that may continue to be uncertain, cling on to the shepherd, let him lead you, and know that your dwelling is not in this challenging world, but is in the house of the Lord for eternity.

Rev Rebecca.