Saving Christmas

calendar_todayThu 26th November - 10:01pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

We are all desperate that the situation we find ourselves in right now should not be so.  We want normal back!  And, as the nights draw in our thoughts turn to Christmas.  We want a normal Christmas!

There’s been lots of talk in the news about observing the rules now so that we can have a normal Christmas.  However, as restrictions increase the possibility of that seems to be slipping further away.  What is it we are actually trying to save in saving Christmas?

When the season of Advent begins on 29th November, Christians begin a journey towards the light.  A journey filled with hope and anticipation for the future.  Advent isn’t simply about opening a chocolate window each day, or a series of large community, work and family gatherings. It is not a series of mini Christmas celebrations to warm us up for the big day.  Advent is a time of anticipation, a time of waiting for the light to be revealed.

If we’re trying to save Christmas by having a normal advent, filled with parties and gatherings, the likelihood is ourselves or someone we love will be seriously ill in hospital on Christmas Day.  Parties and large gatherings won’t save Christmas!

So, what will save Christmas?  An advent that leads us from darkness to light will save Christmas.  Not just the Advent of a chocolate a day in December, but the Advent that starts four Sundays before Christmas and takes us slowly and carefully through the Bible’s story of how we got into this pickle we call life, and how God’s plan to join us in it and raise us from it came to pass. It’s all those readings you’ve heard at a traditional Carol Service, but old school, taken slowly, savoured for all they’re worth. It is this journey and story that will lead us, and those we love, towards the light and save Christmas.

Of course, we will mourn our familiar traditions and time not spent with those we love.  However, it is our journey towards the light that will enable us to truly celebrate Christmas Day, in whatever shape our Christmas Day will take in 2020.  Christmas will be saved by our journey through Advent.

To help us as a church and community on our advent journey this year there will be several activities and events.  These will be different to previous years, but they are all intended to help us and our community anticipate the light, to bring comfort in uncertain times, and help us to see joy in unexpected ways.

Advent and Christmas Services and Activities

Sunday 29 November – Festival of Light and lighting of the Christmas Tree on the Green

Throughout Advent – online advent calendar, with a short reflection each day to help us journey towards the light

Saturday 5 December – Christmas Quiz on Zoom

12 & 13 December – Christmas Treasure hunt around Woolston

23 & 24 December – Distributing gifts and food to people in need in our parish

20 December- Carol Service on Facebook

24 December – Christingle Service on Facebook live

24 December – Midnight Communion at The Ascension

25 December – Christmas Day service on Facebook live

All services and activities are subject to change as Covid restrictions and guidance is updated.  More information about all events will be included in the weekly email, notice sheets, website and Facebook.  Keep an eye out!