Sunday Services at The Ascension from 11 January

calendar_todayMon 4th January - 5:07pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

Dear Congregation, Parish and local community

It is with sadness that I let you know we will once again be closing The Ascension for public worship, and our services will be online only until the Coronavirus situation improves.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) have not taken this decision lightly, but feel it is right to both protect the health of the most vulnerable and reduce pressure on the local NHS.

Since reopening at the end of the first lockdown we have worked hard to make The Ascension a safe place for people to attend.  A building such as The Ascension with lots of space, and thorough covid-secure practices is probably one of the safest public indoor spaces.  However, because it is possible to pray and worship from home it is not essential that people to attend church in person, although it is very much encouraged as part of our Christian practice!

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions of last year we have much to celebrate in all that we achieved, with God’s help, last year.  However, without Coronavirus I feel we would have achieved much more in growing our church and making a difference in the community.  Another closure, especially at the start of the year, feels very disappointing and I fear will pose further challenges to our growth and development.

It needs all of us to work together and to continue to be united, even though we can’t physically meet together.  With this in mind please can I encourage you to:

  • Engage weekly with our online worship, and leave comments in the chat.
  • If you can’t access services online, but have a CD player, please ask me to send a CD of services to you.
  • Continue to pray for our parish, and each other.
  • Keep in touch by phone if possible with those you are friendly with from church, and anyone you have a phone number of who may be finding these next few weeks particularly difficult.
  • Continue to give financially to our church.  Details can be provided of how to set up regular giving through the bank, donations can be made through Facebook and the button in our weekly emails, and envelopes can be posted through the Vicarage door whilst out on daily exercise.

In the sermon yesterday for Epiphany I encouraged us all to look to Jesus, and not to focus on our own stories or the events around us.  In these next weeks let us fix our eyes on Jesus, our hope, our saviour and our sustainer.

God bless