50 Years, plus 1!

calendar_todayThu 11th February - 4:45pm
person_outlineRebecca Roberts

The Ascension building work is now complete.  In the next few weeks the trees nearest to church will be attended to.  It may look drastic at first, however, it is several years since the trees have been pruned, and we only need look at photographs from 10 or 20 years ago to see how much the trees have grown.  Tending to the trees will mean the building is more noticeable to people passing by, and it will also reduce leaf fall which caused some of the issues to the flat roofs.  In addition, a gate will also be fitted to one of the car park entrances to prevent the car park from being used as a cut through for local traffic, therefore helping to preserve the car park surface.

That’s the practical work complete!  However, our 50th Year project was also about engaging more people with The Ascension.  Despite all the challenges of last year Nickie has done a fantastic job to organise events and initiatives that have enabled us to reach more people.  There are several events that we did not manage to put on last year though, and our hope is that restrictions will be relaxed enough to enable us to put some of these events on this summer instead.  If the vaccine roll out goes well and restrictions are lifted enough we will have a 50th birthday festival day sometime in September.  As we go to press the Heritage Sub Committee, Nickie and Rebecca are working on a programme of events for 2021, that we hope will be realistic.  We will let you know more soon.