Click to give a donation to The Church of the Ascension

Our church is maintained and kept open through the generous financial gifts of many people.

Our giving sustains our church building, a sacred place dedicated to worship, prayer and witness. Our giving sustains our clergy, here and across our diocese and helps train new clergy. Our giving sustains our ministry, measured by every:

  • sick person visited
  • school assembly taken
  • bereaved family comforted
  • baptism celebrated
  • sermon preached
  • Eucharist celebrated
  • confirmation course run
  • person shown the love of Christ
  • through our care, comfort and compassion

Giving to God’s work through the local church is a sign of our Christian maturity, and of us growing in faith. Many of us regularly spend a few pounds several times a week on takeaway coffee and think nothing of it. However, giving to our church for some of us feels far more challenging, even though the church only exists because of Jesus paying the greatest sacrifice for us in his death and resurrection.

At The Ascension we encourage everyone who calls it their church to give a regular financial gift. How much you give is entirely up to you, however some people find it helpful to know that it costs around £12 per week, per church attender, just to cover our most basic costs.

There are several ways of giving regularly to The Ascension. The best way is through the Parish Giving Scheme, which is based on a monthly direct debit. This is a scheme run nationally by the Church of England, but all donations given by people from The Ascension go to The Ascension and we get 100% of what you give. However, perhaps if your income is less regular you might prefer a more flexible approach to giving, for people in this situation we have weekly giving envelopes. Both donations given through The Parish Giving Scheme and giving envelopes can be Gift Aided if you are a UK tax payer. If you would like to give online, you can do so by clicking this link.  Donations are taken by Give A Little and paid into our bank account, usually within 48 hours.  We can also provide our bank details to anyone who wishes to make a one-off donation by bank transfer.

If The Ascension has been an important part of your life you might wish to consider leaving a gift in your will, so that you can continue to help The Ascension for future generations after you have gone. If something has been precious to you, then it’s only natural to want to pass it on to the next generation.

If you would like more information about The Parish Giving Scheme, giving envelopes or legacies please contact John Bailey our Treasurer.

All donations and giving to The Ascension is confidential between the giver and the Treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary. No one else, including the Vicar, will ever know who gives or how much they give.