Baptisms & Christening Services

We hold christening services regularly at The Ascension; usually on the third Sunday of the month at 1pm.

During a christening service your child will be baptized with water. This marks the beginning of a journey for you and your child; a journey in which you promise to bring your child up to enable them to explore the Christian faith for themselves.

We also offer baptism to adults. Perhaps you were not baptized as a child and would now like to make this decision for yourself. Adults are encouraged to come to confirmation, and a confirmation service led by the Bishop is held locally each year. For adults baptism, followed by confirmation, is a way of publically declaring faith for ourselves and beginning a new life of following Christ.

If you are thinking of having your child baptized in a christening service there is some helpful information on the Church of England Christenings website. This website also includes a guide for Godparents.

Six times a year a baptism preparation course is held locally. We ask all parents to attend this course before having their child baptized.

To have your child baptized at The Ascension you need to live in the parish of Birchwood and Woolston, or have another qualifying connection to the church (such as you yourself being baptized at The Ascension.)

If you would like to find out more about having your child baptized, or you yourself being baptized, please come along to one of our regular services at 11am on a Sunday or 10am on a Wednesday, and speak to one of our Churchwardens.